Southern California Attractions & Things To Do

With 350 days of sunshine a year, Blythe, California is the perfect spot to discover the great outdoors -

Blythe is surrounded by the Colorado River, the Arizona border, Palo Verde Valley, and the Mojave and Sonora deserts, making it an exhilarating destination of diverse landscapes, adventure, and natural splendor. From the amazing Blythe intaglios and Quartzsite, AZ minerals to the grand Colorado River flow, there's a land of discovery just outside our hotel.
Blythe California Things To Do
Colorado River

Colorado River -

Famous for some of the most spectacular scenery and whitewater in the world, the Colorado River forms the California-Arizona boundary then traverses through the middle of three deserts and the Grand Canyon on its way to Mexico's Sea of Cortez. The river shapes the land and history of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Four miles from Blythe, you will enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the lower
Colorado River.

Palo Verde Valley -

An indoor/outdoor recreational wonderland, Palo Verde Valley activities include boating, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, and dirt biking. Blythe's 350 days of sunshine offer year-round sporting activities such as tennis, golf, softball, football, soccer, and volleyball.
Blythe BlueWater Resort

BlueWater Resort and Casino -

When it comes to gaming, no one can match the thrills, action and excitement of BlueWater Resort and Casino on the Colorado River in nearby Parker, Arizona. BlueWater offers exciting casino gaming including world-class bingo, blackjack, poker, live keno, and all your favorite slot machine games. You won't want to miss one of the casino's dazzling live entertainment shows, concerts and exhilarating after-hours scene. For more information, visit

Blythe Bluegrass Festival -

Enjoy wonderful desert weather and three days of continuous bluegrass and country music at the Colorado River Fairgrounds. A full line up of all the most popular bluegrass bands and musicians light up the stage for one event you won't want to miss. The Blythe Bluegrass Festivals also features the bluegrass quilt show, as well as plenty of booths offering art, crafts and food. For more information, visit
california Quartzsite Shows

The Quartzsite Shows -

Head 20 miles east of Blythe to Quartzsite, Arizona and attend one of the famed Quartzsite Shows. There is a special event for everyone. Discover the popular RV Show, the Hobby, Craft and Gem Show, and a huge swap meet with spectacular displays of gems, rocks, minerals, arts, crafts, hobbies, jewelry and more. Classic car lovers will surely want to check out the Rock-n-Roll Classic Car Show held every February. For more information, visit

Blythe Municipal Golf Course -

The City of Blythe operates the Blythe Municipal Golf Course, located at the northwest end of the Palo Verde Valley, right off Defrain Boulevard. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy teeing off on the well-manicured, 18-hole championship golf course, or practicing at the driving range and putting green surrounded by exceptional views of the Colorado River and desert.

The golf course also plays host to a variety of tournaments throughout the year. For more information, visit
Blythe Public Parks

Blythe Public Parks -

The city maintains four public parks, including Mayflower Park and the "Big Foot Skate-board Park" for skateboarders. This facility is located at Todd Park which is well-known for its beautiful shade trees and a community center. Miller Park, on 14th and Lovekin Blvd., features an RV dumping and water station. This unique facility is available to all Blythe visitors at no charge.

Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway -

The Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway in Blythe, CA, features exciting stock car racing and fun family activities along the quarter-mile asphalt oval track. Most racing events are held approximately every other weekend, between October and April. The Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway is located at the Colorado River Fairgrounds. Inquire about the Quality Inn Blythe vacation packages to the Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway. For more information, visit
Blythe Intaglios

Blythe Intaglios

A visit to this man-made wonder is sure to astound -

The Blythe intaglios - an Italian engraving art process - are located west of the Colorado River in the Big Maria Mountains. The intaglios were made by scraping away dark rock to create gigantic human, animal and geometric figures in the lighter soil. The largest human figure is 171 feet long. For more information, visit

Glamis Sand Dunes -

Located in the southeastern corner of California, about 50 miles from Blythe, the Glamis Sand Dunes are the largest sand dunes in the country, extending for more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of the Imperial Valley. Tens of thousands of off-highway vehicle (OHV) adventurists flock to the area to explore and ride on more than two-thirds of the sand dunes, over 118,000 acres. For more information, visit

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge -

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge is located 20 miles south of Blythe and along the Colorado River. The refuge is located in the floodplain of the lower Colorado River and surrounded by a fringe of desert ridges and washes.

The Refuge includes 12 miles of former river channels that are now considered backwaters and critical habitat for the endangered Yuma clapper rail and razorback sucker. For more information, visit

Blythe California National Park

Joshua Tree National Park -

Within the boundaries of eastern California's Joshua Tree National Park, the Sonora and Mojave deserts converge. In the higher, Mojave portion of the park, a forest of strange Joshua Trees and unique rock formations called Inselbergs are protected.

In the lower, Colorado portion, the Pinto Basin exhibits the typical plants of the hotter Sonora Desert. There are plenty of outdoor activities including biking, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, hiking on the nature trails, and wildflower viewing. For more information, visit

Dove Hunting -

The season opens in early September. The Blythe, CA desert offers scenic camping and photographic opportunities, as well as hunting for dove, quail, duck and geese.
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