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Blythe, California
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Blythe Attractions


Blythe Municipal Golf Course

The Blythe Municipal Golf Course is located at the northwest end of the Palo Verde Valley, right off Defrain Boulevard. Golfers enjoy teeing off on the well-manicured, 18-hole championship golf course, or practicing at the driving range and putting green surrounded by exceptional views of the Colorado River and desert. The golf course also plays host to a variety of tournaments throughout the year.
Visit - www.blythegolfcourse.com

Blythe Public Parks

The city of Blythe features four public parks, including Mayflower Park and the "Big Foot Skate-board Park" at Todd Park, which is well-known for its beautiful shade trees and a community center. Miller Park, on 14th and Lovekin Blvd., features a free RV and water station.

Blythe Intaglios

This man-made wonder is sure to astound. The Blythe intaglios - an Italian engraving art process - are located west of the Colorado River in the Big Maria Mountains. The intaglios were made by scraping away dark rock to create gigantic human, animal and geometric figures in the lighter soil. The largest human figure is 171 feet long.
Visit - http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/prog/cultural/intaglios.html

Glamis Sand Dunes

Located in the southeastern corner of California, about 50 miles from Blythe, Glamis Sand Dunes are the largest sand dunes in the country, extending for more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of the Imperial Valley. Off-highway vehicle (OHV) adventurists flock to the area to explore and ride more than two-thirds of the sand dunes, over 118,000 acres.
Visit - www.glamisdunes.com

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge is located 20 miles south of Blythe and along the Colorado River. The refuge is in the floodplain of the lower Colorado River and surrounded by a fringe of desert ridges and washes. The Refuge includes 12 miles of former river channels that are now considered backwaters and critical habitat for the endangered Yuma clapper rail and razorback sucker.
Visit - www.fws.gov/refuges/profiles/index.cfm?id=22540

Joshua Tree National Park

Within the boundaries of eastern California's Joshua Tree National Park, the Sonora and Mojave deserts converge. In the higher Mojave section of the park, you can see a forest of strange, majestic Joshua Trees and unique rock formations called Inselbergs. In the lower Colorado portion, the Pinto Basin exhibits the typical plants of the hotter Sonora Desert. Enjoy endless outdoor activities including biking, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, hiking on the nature trails, and wildflower viewing.
Visit - www.nps.gov/jotr
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